Breakaway Day 1: Sunny Sacramento

May 17, 2010

Hello from a very sunny Sacramento, and the kick off of the Amgen Tour of California – and I was lathered up in sunscreen today!

The Breakaway from Cancer initiative advocates a unique approach to preventing and surviving cancer—teams. Many of you may be wondering, how does one take a team approach to prevention? Well often times it takes team work for a family or a group of friends to eat healthfully, exercise and to remember to  get screened.

My family’s example

My brother had what I’ll kindly refer to as a “funky looking” mole, that was getting funkier by the month. It took the brow-beating of his wife to finally get him into the dermatologist. What was discovered was he had a stage three melanoma. Without that extra push he may have waited another month, or even year before he was checked and wouldn’t be doing as well today as he is. In turn, my sister and I are now more vigilant than ever about our own sun safety and skin checks, and harass our friends and family into doing it as well.

Family health history matters

That story reminds me—have you talked to your family about their history of cancer? Your parents or siblings may not think they need to mention they had a “funky looking” mole removed, or a polyp during their colonoscopy, but having that knowledge can help you and your health care professional make better decisions about your early detection options.

Sharing stories

It was an amazing day meeting so many Californians and talking to them about cancer prevention and early detection. Whether it was answering questions about when to have a colonoscopy, or reminding people to put on that sunscreen, the foundation’s messages were being spread loud and clear.

Support the Foundation through Breakaway

One more night in Sacramento then off to Santa Rosa tomorrow morning early.  Interested in supporting Breakaway from Cancer? Text BREAKAWAY to 90999 to donate $10 to the cause!

Images from Sacramento (Photos by: Andrew Tao)

May 16, 2010 - Prevent Cancer Foundation Founder Carolyn Aldige with Foundation Board member Kathryn West at the nonprofit partner tent in Sacramento, CA.

May 16, 2010 - Katie Lapides, the Foundation's Manager of Public Affairs, discusses the cancer prevention with a visitor.

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