Andrea Roane Highlights Foundation's ¡Celebremos la vida! Program

Published on June 2, 2010

Updated on February 13, 2018

Even though I’m a pretty shy person I was ready to jump in front of the WUSA News9 cameras to talk about the ¡Celebremos la vida! program with Andrea Roane, WUSA 9 news anchor and a Sustaining Director on the Board of Directors of the Foundation. I was more than happy to talk about Celebremos! This great program is one of the cornerstone outreach programs of the Foundation. For those who are reading this before watching the news clip, Celebremos is a breast and cervical cancer screening and education program which serves Hispanic women over 40. In 2009 the Foundation received a two-year community grant from Komen for the Cure® to fund part of this program in the DC metro area.

Filmed at the Spanish Catholic Center in Langley Park, MD, this news story shared the importance of this screening and education program with the DC metro community. Many of the women receiving services that day were very excited to have the WUSA News9 crew present during their charla (cancer education session). Charlas provide information about cancer prevention, including cancer symptoms, statistics and information about the impact of lifestyle on cancer risk. Along with interviewing me, Ms. Roane also interviewed Gabriella, the Celebremos coordinator, and Christine, the Nurse Practitioner who conducts screenings and examinations of participants. Celebremos is an important program which helps an underserved community overcome many barriers to cancer prevention and early detection.

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