Prevention a Highlight of ASCO Breakaway from Cancer Policy Roundtable

Published on June 8, 2010

Updated on February 13, 2018

Friday night, I had the pleasure of listening to a dynamic policy discussion hosted by the Breakaway from Cancer campaign.  Carolyn Aldigé, the founder of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, represented us on the panel consisting of two nationally recognized oncologists, leadership of our Breakaway from Cancer partners, and actor Patrick Dempsey who joined the meeting by videoconference.

The discussion, appropriately titled Striking the Balance: Community Experts Come Together for High-Level Dialogue on Cancer Care, covered issues of concern across the spectrum beginning with prevention and carrying through access to quality care and survivorship.  Our moderator, Susan Dentzer, led our expert panel through a lively discussion which identified unmet needs, opportunities to improve prevention and comprehensive care, and moved towards some recommendations to address these needs and opportunities through policy change and leadership.

The conversation helped elevate opportunities in prevention, and represents just the beginning of a collaboration of  5 partners playing different roles in the delivery of cancer care.  I am certain that this collaboration and shared interest in improving the quality of prevention and care, will ultimately lead to positive changes in policy.  A full video of the panel discussion will be available on this blog, soon. So, watch this space!

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