Step Away 5K: Walking the Walk

Jan Bresch | Published on June 21, 2010

Updated on May 3, 2023

The part I have loved about the challenge this year is I’m not alone. Last year being the only one in the limelight was a bit daunting.  This year I’ve been joined by my sister Brenda and several of my Prevent Cancer Foundation co-workers, who have accepted their own challenge of making healthier diet decisions and of including exercise in their daily routine.

They are walking the walk together: encouraging each other to work through challenges and celebrating when they achieve goals!

‘Cause You Got to Have Friends!
Exercise doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone: they’re doing great! Many have “walking buddies” for morning or lunch time walks and others are taking various exercise classes. As for changing eating habits, we have a little of everything: from diet plans with point systems; cutting out red meat or going gluten free; no longer skipping meals; making the mid-day meal more substantial and having a light dinner; or just trying to eat healthier. Whatever works for them. Living a healthy life-style is not a one size fits all.

Lending a Helping Hand
A couple co-workers asked me to “spot” them as I’ve done with Brenda, which I’m happy to do because it helps keep me motivated.  Of course they had the stipulation that I had to be “nicer” to them than I am to Brenda.  Nicer meaning I can’t be hard on them when they cheat by eat unhealthy food or skipping exercise.  I agreed.  It’s easier to be harder on a family member – who actually needs and wants that feedback – than a colleague.  And let’s face it, everyone cheats.

A Tale of Two Subs
That agreement was tested yesterday when I spotted two of my “5K challenge” co-workers eating subs.  (By the way, this is me being nice: I’m not mentioning names.)  One had a sub for breakfast, the other for lunch. I asked if the subs were part of their diet plan and got the response: “Hey, this is my main meal today.”   Wow, what a rationalization: guess since I ate sensibly for breakfast and lunch I can get that slimy steak and cheese I’ve been dreaming about for dinner!

So okay, we are all a work in progress.  The important thing to remember is we’ve all are step by step changing the way we think about healthy eating and exercise, taking steps to reduce our risk, not only of cancer but many other life-threatening diseases.

Share Your Story & Step Away!
Tell me some of the favorite excuses for not eating right or not exercising.  Comment on this post with your favorites and the most original submission will win a free registration to the Step Away from Cancer 5K coming up on Saturday, September 25. I look forward to hearing from you!

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