Jan's 5K Challenge: Challenge Queen

Published on July 29, 2010

Updated on November 4, 2019

I was so glad to see my last post, Pizza and Stress, was a hit.  Does that mean people like to see me suffer?  Or do they relate because they suspect I’m only human?

It’s Good to Be the Queen
After my wayward ways, I’m on track and apparently many others are getting in shape and making healthy diet choices.  My co-workers, who have taken up the challenge, have collectively lost 75 pounds in just two months. After last week’s post, I had a number of people reach out to share how they’re doing with their own challenges.  In some cases, I didn’t even know they were doing a challenge!  I suddenly realized, somewhere along the line, I’ve become the “Challenge Queen.”

What’s a Challenge Queen you ask?   It’s kind of like being “the Queen of Quite A Lot” in that folks check in with me on how they’ve been eating, confess if they’re exercising or not, tell me about their fiber intake and if they are “regular” or not (I’d really prefer not to hear about that), and today someone even asked if they could have one of the donuts brought into the office.  I’ve got the power.  But will I use it for good or evil?  Good…..unless they really irritate me.

So What Do I Share with Those Asking Me Questions?
1. Be realistic.  Don’t think you’re going to look like a super model.   It’s not going to happen.  Even the models don’t look like models in real life.
2. I personally follow Dr. Ann’s advice on eating healthy.  She has a great Web site, right down to healthy, easy recipes.  This is perfect for me because I don’t like to cook.   I recommend signing up for her monthly newsletter.
3. Exercise – great for body and soul!  Again, exercise is different for everyone.  Do what works best for you.  Whether it’s walking, running, dancing, weights, sports, or grabbing a hula hoop.  Just move!
4. Lastly, take whatever you’re doing and inspire others to do the same.  

But remember, there can only be one Queen, and I’m it!

Queen Jan with 5K Challenge "Subjects"

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