Jan's 5K Challenge: Pizza and Stress

Published on July 22, 2010

Updated on November 4, 2019

In my last post I mentioned I was off to Las Vegas for the Bad Beat on Cancer  initiative at the World Series of Poker.  To be honest, there is absolutely nothing healthy about Vegas.  Between the late night eating, alcohol (yes alcohol was consumed), and the total lack of sleep, it was a tough trip.  But I loved every minute of it!

Temptation Thy Name is Pizza
It did not bode well for my return to Washington and healthy living.  In fact, the first night back, I had pizza – and I rarely eat pizza.  When I do, it’s always a cheese pizza and usually one slice — two tops.  I also pat down the slice with a napkin first to get any grease off it. But the “wicked” was in me.  I not only ordered a sausage pizza, I ate the whole thing watching a sitcom!  I didn’t even pat it down with napkins.  Those who know me are shaking their heads in disbelief as they read.  Many of them have been embarrassed by my “patting.”  Oh boy was I miserable later.

You’re Kidding Me, Right?
Regardless of this little bump in the road, I quickly got back on track with my challenge for the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K  just in time for a new bump.  Three colleagues announced they were leaving the Foundation for great, new opportunities and I began to worry how we’d replace such wonderfully talented individuals.

Under Pressure
Stress…party for one.  I handle stress in one of two ways.  Either I internalize to the point of being sick to my stomach or go for a walk.  I’ve been doing a lot of walking; even a little running.  It doesn’t keep my stomach from churning completely, but it does help reduce my stress.  The fact that I carry on a conversation with myself, or sing out loud with my iPod while walking is a little “stressful” for those around me, but hey, I’m taking care of me.

Talk to Me!
I wonder how those reading this blog deal with stress?   Do you seek comfort in food?   Do you blow up?  Curl up in your bathrobe and call it a day?  Work out?  What do you do?  I’d like to know.

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