Jan’s 5K Challenge: Perks of the Job

Published on August 26, 2010

Updated on November 4, 2019

One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet people who inspire me.

It is my pleasure and honor to work with researchers who do amazing work in the field of cancer prevention and early detection; community health care professionals who provide free and/or low cost services to the underserved; volunteers who give their time unselfishly; and individuals living with cancer who don’t let it define them.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think inspiration would come from two very perky blondes who I’m sure are former cheerleaders.(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Both put their energy and knowledge to good use by educating and inspiring individuals to own their own health: Dr. Ann Kulze and Denise Austin.

Dr. Ann, who serves on the Foundation’s board of directors, is a nationally recognized expert and motivational speaker on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. She transforms “new science” related to healthy living into programs that are easy to follow. Dr. Ann says these programs are “fun,” but I have to admit for “junk food junkies” like me, not so much fun. Her podcasts and newsletters are a must – her enthusiasm is infectious!

Of course everyone knows Denise.  Besides being the Honorary Chair of the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K , she’s been the poster child for fitness and exercise for the last 20+ years. Denise is always smiling brightly whether on television or on video making exercise look like fun.  Again, not so much, but I love her.  I recently read an interview with Denise that personifies her determination and why she inspires me.

Two incredible women, who have lots and lots of energy, doing great work educating the public about health living.

Who inspires you?


Jan B. Mahrer inspires me.


Great entry! There are numerous people who inspire me by their everyday acts… and your question has me thinking about exactly who they are!

Thanks! Lisa


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