Prevent Cancer News Round-up: Week of Aug. 30 – Sept. 3

Published on September 2, 2010

Updated on February 13, 2018

The below is the Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s weekly look at news from around the web in the wellness and cancer prevention communities.

Vitamin D Affects Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer Genes
New research shows that vitamin D may play a part in controlling genes linked to some cancers, dementia and autoimmune disorders. ( Blog)

Moderate Exercise Could Help Prevent Cancer
The World Cancer Research Fund reports that 10,000 cases of breast and bowel cancer could be avoided every year in Britain through moderate exercise such as brisk walking. (AP)

Health Centers to get $250 million in Grants to Build Clinics, Boost Services
Federal grants will allow 1,100 health centers across the country to build clinics and bolster services at existing clinics for low-income patients. (Washington Post)

Report: Cancer is the World’s Costliest Disease
An American Cancer Society report states that cancer is the world’s top “economic killer” as well as its likely leading cause of death. Cancer costs more in productivity and lives lost than AIDS, malaria, the flu and other diseases. Cancer’s economic toll in 2008 was $895 billion. (AP)

Rectal Cancer Rates Increase in People Under 40, Researchers Say
Researchers find the incidence of rectal cancer has grown 3.8 percent per year over the last 20 years in people aged 40 and under. Although rates are still low, scientists are baffled as to why the increase. (LA Times)

Palliative Care Extends Life, Study Finds
New England Journal of Medicine study finds that patients with terminal lung cancer that begin palliative treatment immediately were happier, lived with less pain and lived three months longer. (NY Times)

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