Spokane, WA Hosts Exhibit

September 22, 2010

The Spokane, WA stop at River Park Square mall sponsored by the Community Health Education & Resources was a great hit, with nearly 5000 people touring the Prevent Cancer SuperColon over the holiday weekend. It was a beautiful weekend and people of all ages enjoyed the exhibit. Visitors mentioned having already had a colonoscopy done, while others mentioned that they planned to schedule a screening in the near future.

One young man mentioned that his father had passed away from colon cancer at a young age, and he had no idea that he would be at a greater risk for the disease. He noted that he planned to discuss his family history with his doctor at his next visit. Several young women also mentioned that they were unaware that men and women were equally at risk for colorectal cancer and were glad to learn more about the disease. The stop was a great success as many people were educated by the interactive tool and given colorectal screening guidelines and literature.

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