Prevent Cancer Foundation News Round-Up

November 12, 2010

The Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s weekly look at news from around the web in the cancer prevention and wellness communities.

CT Scans Cut Lung Cancer Deaths, Study Finds
A recent study suggests that annual CT scans can greatly reduce the lung cancer death rate, and possibly detect other serious illnesses. (New York Times)

Many Americans Caught In Cycle Of Stress And Unhealthy Ways To Manage It
Nobody likes to be stressed – but there are side effects that you may not know about. There is a clear link between stress and obesity, and this article offers statistics on the impact on children and families. (Medical News Today)

Stepping Up Exercise Could Help Beat The Cold Virus
We know that increasing exercise, decreasing stress, and getting more sleep are all ways to live a healthier life. But could there be a stronger link between exercise and staying healthy than we know? (NPR)

Learning to Love Veggies: Readers Weigh In
Are you getting your two to three daily servings? Tips from column readers include ideas on making vegetables fun and flavorful for kids as well as the whole family. (New York Times)

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