Spread the Word: The Best Way to Beat Cancer Is #2preventcancer

Published on November 10, 2010

Updated on February 13, 2018

Did you know that two-thirds of all cancer deaths are related to physical inactivity, poor diet choices and smoking? In other words, they are preventable. Yes, millions of lives could be saved each year if we all took control and reduced our cancer risk by eating healthfully, exercising regularly, getting screened and quitting smoking.

If we’re really serious about beating cancer, we need to get serious about cancer prevention. That’s why the Prevent Cancer Foundation is asking you to join our #2preventcancer campaign and help spread the word about cancer prevention and early detection on Twitter and Facebook.

This is not a one-day event, or an attempt at a world record, but instead a long-term call to everyone to conquer cancer risk by making smart life-style choices every single day. Together we can support each other in our journey to live smart, healthy lifestyles one tweet or status update at a time.

Taking action is simple. With just one #2preventcancer tweet or Facebook status update, you can share your story, inspire others and spread the message that the small choices we make every single day can have a big and lasting impact on our long-term health.

To join our #2preventcancer campaign, follow these two simple steps:

Step One – Learn how#2preventcancer

Learn what you can do right now to reduce your cancer risk by visiting

Also, regularly check our blog and be sure to follow us @preventcancer on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook for everyday tips on preventing cancer. Be sure to share articles, tips and tweets with others on Facebook and Twitter by using the #2preventcancer hashtag.

Step Two – Share what you are doing #2preventcancer

You let everyone know what you’re eating or watching on television, right? Now it’s time to share what you are doing right now to reduce your risk of cancer.

Simply, post on Twitter and Facebook any actions you take “#2preventcancer.” Use the #2preventcancer hashtag to complete your message and so others can easily follow what you’re doing to reduce your cancer risk.

Here are some ideas:
“I skipped the sweets today and am eating a peach instead #2preventcancer”
“I just did a breast self exam #2preventcancer.”
“I just signed up for my first 5k #2preventcancer.”

Of course, this is just the beginning. There are more ways to get involved and inspire others to live a smart, healthy lifestyle. For more information about how you can reduce your cancer risk today, please visit

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