How You Can Prevent Cancer in 2011

Published on January 6, 2011

Updated on February 13, 2018

Beyond our many goals and resolutions, the New Year also brings many fresh new opportunities to make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Making informed health decisions and good diet choices are paramount to cancer prevention and early detection. In 2011 the Prevent Cancer Foundation is planning upcoming campaigns, community events and initiatives that share the message that you can prevent cancer every day. We hope to not only inspire you, but for you to also inspire others in adopting a healthy and smart lifestyle.

1. Join the #2PreventCancer Campaign
The Foundation’s #2PreventCancer Campaign encourages individuals to take simple, everyday steps to reduce their cancer risk. Sharing these smart choices with others, no matter how big or small, is a great way to help promote the cause. We believe that together, we can support one another on our journey to living smart, healthy lifestyles—even just one tweet or Facebook status update at a time. To get started, visit our site at

2. Check the Prevent Cancer Foundation Blog Regularly
The Prevent Cancer Foundation Blog features the latest cancer related news, updates and other health information, ranging from delicious recipes to important and lifesaving information from cancer prevention and early detection researchers and physicians.

3. Educate Yourself About Preventable Cancers
Research suggests that only five percent of cancer is hereditary. That means the lifestyle choices we make, the foods we eat, and our physical activity levels, all have a direct impact on our overall cancer risk. The Foundation focuses our resources on the types of cancer that can be prevented through lifestyle changes and early detection and treatment. The likelihood of developing lung, breast, prostate, colorectal, cervical, skin, oral and testicular cancer can be greatly reduced by staying informed and proactive in your health choices.

4. Be Conscious of the Big 4: Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily, Get Screened, Stop Smoking
These four, easy-to-remember categories have a big impact on cancer prevention. Be sure to keep them in mind every day.

5. Learn About Specific Cancer Awareness Months, Initiatives and Programs
In addition to the Foundation blog, our Web site is not only a great resource for information about the preventable cancers and cancer risk reduction but it also details the Foundation’s efforts through research, community outreach and education to prevent cancer or detect cancer early when it is most treatable.

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