Like Jim I too was diagnosed with Cancer of prostate in my 70s and was put onto `Watchful Waiting` and told that I would not `die of it` but that I would `die with it.`
I had to retire from nursing after completing 58yrs. but I refused to accept the `watchful waiting verdict` and, as Jim did, I became involved in research advances made in the treatment of cancer of the prostate and found that a breakthrough had been made by a brilliant Urological Surgeon in Basingstoke and I contacted him and he offered to take me onto his trial despite my age . It had been long, inconvenient and uncomfortable for me as well as the expense of traveling to Basingstoke and staying overnight but after a year I am free of the curse of Cancer and have only one more review in the New Year and will have no need to attend further if I am still clear.
Do not accept your GPs opinion on your condition. Search elsewhere and try to find where there has been an advance or breakthrough made and ask to be involved. GET A LIFE??
Cliff Charlesworth RGN. RMN. RNMH