Cutting-Edge Cancer Researchers Thank the Foundation for Early Support

Published on May 26, 2011

Updated on February 13, 2018

May is National Cancer Research Month and, coincidentally, the Prevent Cancer Foundation heard from two cutting-edge cancer prevention and early detection researchers expressing their thanks for the Foundation’s early support of their work.

Dr. Gang Zeng

Dr. Gang Zeng, an associate professor of urology, at UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center recently wrote to thank the Prevent Cancer Foundation for early support of his research that has led to a new test for prostate cancer, “I appreciate the early stage funding received from Prevent Cancer Foundation in 2006, which has been particularly acknowledged in the news release and our recent publication. Although the project is still facing new challenges to move forward to the advanced development and clinical trial stage, your support played a major role to make this work possible. Thank you!”

A study published in the May edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Translational Medicine found that the new test, that measures levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) as well as six specific antibodies found in the blood of men with the disease, was more sensitive and more specific than the conventional PSA test used today.

Dr. Yu Chen

Dr. Yu Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, also wrote to tell the Foundation that he and his team had received a National Institutes of Health Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award for his research into Depth-Resolved Quantitative Multi-Modal Imaging for GI Cancer Detection, “A substantial part of the preliminary data for this grant actually comes from the work supported by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. So we would like to thank you again for supporting us.”

Congratulations to Drs. Zeng and Chen. The Prevent Cancer Foundation continues to value our role in funding cutting edge research and early career researchers, many who have gone on to be leading cancer prevention and early detection “superstars.”

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