Mother’s Day Top 10 List

Published on May 3, 2011

Updated on February 13, 2018

If you are planning the prerequisite “Mother’s Day Brunch” one more time, think again.  We all want the best for our mothers, but sometimes they need to be reminded to take care of themselves, and how much they do mean to us.  Now is the time!

Mom’s spend the whole year taking care of everyone else, so let’s look at a few things to keep Mom healthy, fit, and stress free.


  1. Stress goes hand in hand with being a Mom.  So, get (or give ) her a special massage, or a basket of wonderful scented bath products.  Then give her a special quiet, relaxing time in the tub!
  2. Whether Mom is into running, yoga, or dancing the night away a gift card for new running shoes, yoga clothes, or a dancing dress will be much appreciated.
  3. Moms are always helping everyone else; help Mom reach HER goals by giving her a session with a personal trainer, an organizer, or a life coach.
  4. Instead of the old Mother’s Day flowers take her to the nursery and buy her some plants for her garden or container.  Then help her plant them!
  5. Plan a day hike or bike ride together at Mom’s favorite spot.  Bring a healthy lunch!
  6. Make a play list of Mom’s favorite tunes for her workout, bike ride, or while she’s gardening.
  7. Buy two (2) Hula Hoops and teach Mom how to do it!  You might be surprised.
  8. Research has shown, that of all people, Moms do not get enough sleep and that can lead to many debilitating conditions.  Give Mom a weekend of early nights and late mornings and everybody pitch in to be quiet!
  9. Our feet support us all, but many times our feet are last to get the attention they need.  This can lead to hip, back and feet problems.  Give Mom a spa pedicure and a good pair of slippers to change into at the end of the day.
  10. Give the gift that gives back.  Donate to a charity in your Mom’s honor.
  11. Happy Mother’s Day!

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