A Healthy Competition With the Boss – It’s All For Cancer Prevention!

Published on June 24, 2011

Updated on November 4, 2019

The latest quandary that I’ve found myself in will come as no surprise to my friends and family members who are reading this. I have a big mouth; this is just a fact of life. In spite of the fact that I have already promised to recruit 10 team members, raise $5,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5k and lose 30 lbs by September 24, I got the bright idea to issue a friendly office challenge to my boss through the most public forum available: Facebook.

Yes friends, you know I won’t leave well enough alone; I just can’t help myself. My fellow West Virginians can tell you that it is impossible for any of us to participate in any kind of friendly competition (even as a spectator) without delivering a little “smack talk.” WELL, I’ve been doing a little bit of smack talking on Facebook, saying that my team can raise more money than her team. Okay, I’ve been doing A LOT of smack talking actually.

So, I’m going to need some major help from my family and friends to make good on this latest challenge, but I have no doubt though that they are the best in the entire world and will come through for me and “Team Celebrate!”

This latest challenge has also spurred some family competition between my boss and her sister, who has started a team of her own. They are now divvying up their list of family members, trying to solicit donations for each of their respective teams.

  • Who will be the winner: “Team Bresch” or “Team Awesome?”
  • Will “Team Bresch” be able to take on “Team Celebrate” in the ultimate office challenge?

The next few months are going to be interesting indeed.

We are not alone; many others are taking up the challenge and creating team and individual pages of their own. The Foundation now has 7 of the 25 team goal, including “The Mammary Clan” and “Team Opa.” We will be highlighting the progress of all the teams throughout the summer.

All the enthusiasm surrounding this year’s 5K has been incredible but we can’t reach our goal without your help. The power of prevention and early detection was shown in a recent report by the American Cancer Society that 900,000 fewer cancer deaths have occurred between 1990-2007. The Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K teams and participants are taking steps to save lives and to further increase that number. Will you help us reach our 25 team goal and consider forming a team of your own?

A team can consist of family members, co-workers, civic group members, high school students, university organizations, or any combination of people. Will you create a team and challenge someone to a friendly competition? For more information and to register/form/join a team or as an individual please go to Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K site.

In the end we are all members of “Team Prevention” and we are all winners for taking on the challenge to raise funds for vital cancer prevention research, education and outreach. To learn more about your dollars at work visit the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s website. Thanks in advance for your consideration and support of this important mission!


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