Prevent Cancer Foundation News Round-Up

July 14, 2011

The Prevent Cancer Foundation blog’s look at cancer prevention, early detection and wellness news from around the Web.

Sunglasses Should Be Worn All Year to Protect Eyes from UV Rays
Harmful UV rays pose just as much of a threat to your eyes as they do to your skin. While the risk is highest in the summer, it’s important to protect yourself year-round when outdoors. (Washington Post)

Fewer People Dying of Colon Cancer, Report Says
A CDC report confirms that colon cancer incidence and death have decreased from 2007, as more Americans focus on prevention and are getting screened to catch the disease early. (MSNBC)

A Fitness Rookie? Easy Does It
Having trouble motivating yourself to begin a new work-out plan? There’s no need to jump right into it; start slow and work your way up to achieve the results you want. (Chicago Tribune)

Gross-out Cigarette Labels Drive Spike in Quit-line Calls
Although the new cigarette warning labels won’t be implemented until 2012, they may already be motivating smokers to quit. (MSNBC)

Tri Challenge: The Race Has Come and Gone – How Do I Stay Healthy?
Maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year can be difficult when you have nothing to train for or keep you motivated. Here are five tips to help keep you on the right track. (CNN)

Foundation News:
Peddling for Prevent Cancer – Brooklyn to Oregon: One Gear
Zachary Rosenthal and Dallas Plikuhn are taking the idea of virtual walkers to the next level. In support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K, the duo is departing from Brooklyn on August 1st on a bike ride across the country, an 8-10 week journey that will end in Seaside, Oregon.

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