The Heat is On: Help Fire Up 5K Fundraising Efforts for Cancer Prevention!

Published on July 27, 2011

Updated on November 4, 2019

The intense summer heat has ignited Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K participants to achieve the event’s fundraising goal of $92,000 by September 24! The Foundation is close to reaching half of its 25 team goal, while teams and individual fundraisers alike are putting the spotlight on prevention and early detection as they ask their families, colleagues and friends to make donations in honor of or in memory of those who have been touched by cancer.

Front runner “KK’s Cancer Kickers” has 17 registered team members and has raised $3,120 of their $10,000 goal! Close on their heels (pun intended) is “Carlucci’s Crusaders” with eight registered members and more than $1,200 raised for cancer prevention efforts!  Sisters Jan Bresch and Jacki Kimmel have cooled down the sibling rivalry in favor of a joint team effort. “Team Bresch” has now merged into “Team Awesome”, bringing in $475 to date.  “Team Celebrate” is not far behind with six registered team members and donations totaling $360.  Others like Team Opa, The Mammary Clan, Tishman/AECOM, Pets for Prevention, and the One Gear Boys on their trek from New York City to Oregon are continuing their fundraising efforts as well.

Individual fundraising efforts are also underway; Donna Hamill is nearly half way to her goal of $2,000, standing right at $715, and Linda Chastain has raised $260 of her $1,500 goal. Donna shares why cancer prevention is important to her and why she’s taken on the 5K challenge in honor of her aunt, who is currently fighting cancer:

“My aunt is not the only person in my family who has faced cancer and unfortunately, this is not her first encounter. Having someone who means so much to you go through such pain and being able to do so little in return; saying it’s difficult is an understatement. I am doing my part by raising money with the hope that no one else will have to feel the helplessness caused by this horrible disease.”

This is why so many people are taking the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K Challenge: we are united to stop cancer before it starts by raising vital funds for cancer prevention research, education and community outreach. We need your help! September seems far away, but it’s closer than you think. For event information visit the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5k site today. Please don’t delay – register as an individual, form or join a team, or make your donation today!

Share your story with us and tell us why cancer prevention is important to you! Who do you “5K” for? We hope to hear from you soon!


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