Lifetime Television Partnership Educates Millions on Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

October 27, 2011

This October, the Prevent Cancer Foundation was selected by A&E Networks and Lifetime Television to be a Coalition Partner for FIVE, one of its most high-profile films to date. Directed by some of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses, including Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Alicia Keys, FIVE is an anthology of short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on the lives of five individuals and their families. The movie premiered on October 10 and since then, it has reach more that 13.6 million viewers with important messaging about cancer prevention and early detection, as well as treatment and support.

This collaborative partnership afforded the Prevent Cancer Foundation a unique opportunity to be involved with a powerful film on breast cancer. It also offered the Foundation a platform to educate millions of Americans on the importance of cancer prevention and early detection through several of our newly-produced Public Service Announcements (PSAs). This month, “Out of Work” and “Self Examination” have aired repeatedly on Lifetime Television and can be viewed on Lifetime’s website. The Foundation’s Marketing & Communications staff worked tirelessly for several weeks with Wicked+, and Atlanta-based Shadowlight Pictures, (both companies donating their services for the cause), on the development of the PSAs. The  Foundation will debut three additional PSAs during lung cancer (November), cervical cancer (January) and skin cancer (May) national observance months.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation partnership with Lifetime is just part of its continuing effort to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!  We hope you will  share the PSAs with friends, colleagues and loved ones and help put an end to a disease that claims more than half a million Americans each year.

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