President and Founder of Prevent Cancer Foundation Invited to Speak at Prestigious Japanese Lung Cancer Society Annual Conference

Published on October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

Liona Chan
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Aldigé to address Japan’s oncology community on the power of advocacy in the fight against lung cancer

(Alexandria, Va.)—Carolyn Aldigé, President and Founder of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, has been invited by one of Japan’s most prominent cancer organizations, the Japanese Lung Cancer Society, to speak at its 52nd Annual Meeting in Osaka, Japan in early November. Aldigé will be addressing more than 7,000 attendees on “The Power of Advocacy” and to the vitally important role advocacy plays in lung cancer research, prevention and early detection.

“Patient advocacy organizations in the United States are among the most effective in the world, and lung cancer is quickly becoming a focal point of advocacy efforts. To date, lung cancer research has been underfunded but as more and more organizations focus on increased funding for research and screening , this will change,” said Aldigé. “By raising the visibility of lung cancer advocacy worldwide, we can go a long way toward removing the stigma that if often associated with lung cancer and ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.”

The Prevent Cancer Foundation was the first U.S.-based organization to focus solely on cancer prevention and early detection, and remains the only advocacy organization in the country with this singular mission. Aldigé has become a nationally recognized leader in the fight against cancer through prevention and early detection. In 1996, she was named Washingtonian of the Year and is the only individual to receive Public Service Awards from the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Society of Preventive Oncology.

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About the Prevent Cancer Foundation:
The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is to save lives through cancer prevention and early detection. Founded in 1985, the Foundation has provided more than $125 million in support of cancer prevention and early detection research, education, advocacy and community outreach nationwide. For more information, please visit


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