5 Healthy Tailgating Tips

November 16, 2011

Fall football season is here—meaning lots of tailgating parties with football, fun and food. Follow these easy tips to swap those fattening recipes for some healthy and delicious alternatives.

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Bake—Many foods can be prepared in a much healthier way simply by skipping the fryer. Try “oven frying” wings, zucchini fries or sweet potato chips at home by rolling items in a seasoned coating and baking them in the oven for treats without all the oil and grease.

Go Light—Substitute turkey burgers or grilled chicken for hamburgers and hot dogs. With seasoned rubs or flavorful marinades, you can make lean, mean and tasty protein. Citrus, spicy garlic or honey-ginger grilled chicken skewers make tasty appetizers.

Substitute—Many dips use sour cream as a base—plain yogurt or cottage cheese make great alternatives and bring down those whopping calorie counts. Low fat Greek yogurt is another perfect substitute that has a thick, creamy texture very similar to sour cream.

Make Fresh—Salsa is quick and easy to prepare at home. Throw together some fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, corn, cilantro, jalapenos and a squeeze of fresh lime juice for the perfect homemade topping or side. Add mango, pineapple or peaches for a sweet twist.

Dip Wisely—Set out whole grain crackers, baked pita chips and fresh vegetables instead of fried tortilla or corn chips. Raw carrots, celery, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes make colorful and crunchy companions to any dip tray. Skip the nacho cheese and choose hummus instead, a great alternative that comes in a variety of exotic blends such as spicy black bean, roasted red pepper, spinach artichoke and basil pesto, among many others.

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