Keep Your Fall Workout on Track

November 21, 2011

For blogger Tina Haupert, fall often leads to a lull in her exercise routine. Contributing to her lack of motivation is the cold weather and the fact that her New Year’s resolutions haven’t kicked in yet. Coupled with all the travel and hubbub of the holiday season it’s hard for anyone to find the time or willpower to stick to their routine. Luckily, Tina has four tips to keep you exercising throughout the holiday season.

  1. Put your workout clothes on right after work to avoid becoming too tired. Also, think about changing your commute to pass by your gym.
  2. Register for a holiday race. There are many 5-10k races before Christmas and they are great ways to keep your routine interesting and fresh.
  3. Don’t let the fact that you haven’t been shedding pounds as quickly as you like get you down. Instead of stopping, switch up your routine or intensify it.
  4. Hop on the treadmill when your favorite television shows are on. This makes exercising more interesting while keeping you on a schedule.

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No More Excuses: 4 Ways to Stick to Fall Workouts

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