Reimagining the Cranberry During the Holiday Season

November 17, 2011

When you think of canned cranberry sauce, images of the gelatinous, sugar laden holiday staple come to mind. But without all the added sugar, cranberries can be used to liven up a holiday meal by providing extra flavor and an assortment of health benefits.

Cranberries are loaded with vitamin C as well as antioxidants and have properties which may help prevent cancer, heart disease and stomach ulcers. Cranberries are also effective against bacteria which cause bladder and urinary tract infections.

Instead of using canned cranberry sauce, here are some tips for re-imagining the cranberry this holiday season.

  1. Drink as close to 100% cranberry juice as you can find to avoid excess sugar
  2. Add Craisins to salads, yogurt or cereal for added flavor and health benefits
  3. Make your own cranberry sauces and control the amount of sugar added
  4. Add cranberries to your baked goods for increased taste without as much butter or sugar
  5. If you do use store bought canned cranberry sauce be cognizant of the nutritional information

Read the full article at Fox News Health.
Best Ways to Enjoy Cranberries

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