Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving can be one of the hardest holidays for people wanting to lose weight. Food is plentiful and often soaked in butter and fat. However, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be such a difficult time. Most Thanksgiving foods are healthy but become loaded with calories and fats after preparation, requiring us to either eat them in moderation or prepare them differently. Here are some tips to limit holiday indulgence:

  1. Place brightly colored vegetables without sauce on the table first, so people load up on healthy vegetables before digging into the fattier foods.
  2. Start the first course with a greens-heavy salad and use add-ins such as cheese or croutons sparingly
  3. Serve water instead of calorie heavy drinks like soda
  4. Make gravy a choice, not the default, by serving it on the side

Make those Thanksgiving staples healthier without sacrificing taste:

  1. Candy your yams with a little bit of fruit juice and cinnamon instead of margarine and marshmallows
  2. Flavor your mashed potatoes with skim milk and roasted garlic instead of cheese and butter
  3. Serve small pieces of bread or leave it off the menu entirely
  4. Choose a plain turkey rather than a self-basting bird to avoid high sodium content

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Simple Ways To Have A Healthier Thanksgiving

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