High Calorie Content in Apple Juice Poses Health Risk

December 6, 2011

There have been recent headlines about arsenic in apple juice, but leading experts say the real problem is the juice’s high sugar and calorie count. Nutritionists believe the popularity of apple juice, combined with its lackluster nutritional values, is adding to the childhood obesity epidemic and tooth decay.

Some nutritionists say other juices can be just as harmful. Despite being fortified with vitamins in an attempt to balance out high calorie content, these juices can still cause health problems.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drinking fruit juice offers no additional benefits over eating whole fruits. The Food Institute says that Americans drink an average of 267 ounces (over 2 gallons) of apple juice a year, second only to orange juice.

Read the full story at the Associated Press.
Apple juice can pose risk from calories

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