Young Professionals Tweet to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

Published on January 31, 2012

Updated on February 13, 2018

Katherine Kennedy, Prevent Cancer Foundation Young Professionals Chair

On Monday January 30, over 100 young professionals in the DC area came together at the brand new Irish Whiskey Public House in DC to proactively join the Prevent Cancer community. After Chair Katherine Kennedy (@KatherineKenned) shared that she became involved with the Foundation because she has a disease, MEN-1, that is not preventable and didn’t want any of her friends to face endless hours of uncertainty in a doctor’s office, she then asked the young leaders to tweet why they are joining the group to “Stop Cancer Before It Starts!” and here are some of their live tweets:

@DCCultrBroker My mom had cervical cancer which is why I want to #preventcancer

@JummyABC7: I’m working to #preventcancer in honor of my bestfriends father who passed from the disease

@LifeTie Solving cancer one tie at a time, one conversation at a time with #preventcancer

@Mashtacular I’m working to #preventcancer for my BFF @PunkeyBrewster, my dad and Papa

@Zkidd #Preventcancer for my friends at the Ronald Mcdonald house

@AmyDee_13 If I can do anything in this life & contribute in any way that I can to help save at least one life…#preventcancer

@Cheeky_Geeky I’m at @Katherinekenned’s #preventcancer event because I lost my boss and mentor to lymphoma in 2009

@MissJulieL to support lost friends #preventcancer

@GrantAllen because I lost my dad to @OcularMelanoma, a disease that is not preventable.

Use the #preventcancer hashtag and let us know why you want to “Stop Cancer Before It Starts!” and join the Young Professionals Group today.

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