Power of Suggestion May Be Simple Exercise Motivator

February 8, 2012

A recent study found that simply posting signs suggesting individuals take the stairs is successful in motivating people to skip the elevator. Each sign featured the messages “Burn calories, not electricity. Take the stairs.” and “Walking up the stairs just 2 minutes a day helps prevent weight gain. It also helps the environment.”

Researchers tested their theory in three buildings in New York: a three-story health clinic, an eight-story academic site and a 10-story affordable housing building. Immediately after the signs were posted, stair use increased 9.2% at the health clinic, 34.7% at the academic building and 33.6% at the affordable housing site. During their follow up nine months later, they found the increased stair use had been successfully maintained.

One of many everyday opportunities for exercise, stair climbing can burn more calories than jogging. The health benefits include not only weight loss, but also disease prevention—all while taking only a few minutes out of your day.

Read the full Chicago Tribune article.


I starting walking 2.2 miles everyday around this beautiful park in Maryland called Buddy Attick it is so relaxing.


And this is after having anal cancer I’m so blessed.


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