A Mother’s Day Gift that Saves Lives

Published on May 11, 2012

Updated on February 13, 2018

Like so many adult children I often struggle with how to give back to my wonderful parents in meaningful ways. They already have everything they truly need, so I always scramble to think of ideas that are creative gifts that express how much they mean to me.

Jamie and her mom Julia

This Mother’s Day I am giving my mother a gift that will save lives.  I am making a contribution to the Prevent Cancer Foundation in her honor memorializing the family members we have lost to cancer.  I’m helping the Prevent Cancer Foundation to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

Over a 10 year period my family experienced many tragedies through the death of loved ones from cancer; an experience for which many other families also share.  We lost my 17 year old sister to cancer in 2000, my grandfather was treated for prostate cancer that eventually metastasized to bone cancer and took his life in 2001, my other grandfather developed lung cancer and ultimately lost his battle in 2006. My remaining grandparent, my grandmother, succumbed to her battle with brain cancer in 2009.

Sara and Jamie Cooper

Working for the Prevent Cancer Foundation is more than just a job for me; it’s a mission to eradicate this terrible disease. To keep it from taking another loved one from my life.

Would you join me and consider making a tribute gift in memory or honor of your loved one; a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, wife, colleague or friend for Mother’s Day?

To learn more about your dollars at work, how to reduce your risk and prevent cancer please visit

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