Prevent Cancer 5k Prevention Pup Wants You to Get Moving!

Published on June 28, 2012

Updated on November 4, 2019

Hi everybody! My name is Wilson. I’m the 2012 Pets for Prevention Pup and this is my first blog post!

Now, you might ask, “A dog with a blog? How can he type?!” You humans tend to underestimate us puppies. You see, we watch you. After 5 years of sitting on my human-mom’s lap while she was trying to get work done, I finally taught myself the keystrokes that magically turned into messages that humans respond to! Impressive I know.

Wilson shares the Pets for Prevention message with Alex (right).

Your next question may be, “Wilson, there are so many cute dogs out there!  How did you get to be the Pets for Prevention Pup?” My answer to that would be simple, my human friends—have you looked at me? I’m only the cutest, fluffiest, healthiest pup in the greater DC Metro Area! And since my human-mom kept talking about last year’s 5K Walk at West Potomac Park, I wanted to get in on the action for this year and keep my human active and making sure she is doing things to help Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

Then I thought to myself one day during a relaxing belly rub, “Why just help my human-mom when I could use my unending charm and charisma to help other humans too?”  So, I’m going to paw entries in this blog for all of you humans out there! With my tips and advice leading up to the 5K Walk, we will Take Steps and Save Lives together! (Even though one of your steps is like eight of mine.) The first step is to register for the Prevent Cancer 5k Walk.

I am also calling on my fellow pets to come out for the Prevent Cancer 5k. You dogs, cats, or iguanas can all walk to support life saving cancer prevention research, education, advocacy and community outreach.

Arf! Arf!

2012 Pets for Prevention Pup

Editor’s Note: A noted canine in the Washington DC metro area, Wilson enjoys long walks, fire hydrants and barking at squirrels.

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