Tastefully Childish: Never Too Young To Learn How To Prevent Cancer

Published on September 20, 2012

Updated on February 13, 2018

Jennifer and her family

Blogger Jennifer Kolodziej, author of the successful “Mommy blog,” Tastefully Childish, has written an insightful post about her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and how it led her to teach her children about the value of a healthy diet. Jennifer, sister of Prevent Cancer Foundation Accountant Elliot Turner, also wanted to broaden her children’s knowledge about other cultures so she used the Foundation community grant-funded Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Traditional Food Guide and Activity Book that promotes healthy lifestyle choices and nutritional habits among Alaskan children (8-10) at risk for obesity, cancer and other diseases.

Uncle Elliot works with his nieces on the Alaska Native Traditional Food Guide and Activity Book

The Prevent Cancer Foundation encourages you to visit Tastefully Childish and to read the post in its entirety. What are your favorites tips for parents that want to teach their children about healthy eating?


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