5 tips for winterizing your run

November 20, 2012

There’s a winter chill in the air but that doesn’t have to stop you from your routine outdoor run. Running in the fresh air offers great health benefits that shake away those winter blues and boost your energy levels. If you are worried about braving the cold these 5 tips can help keep your winter run safe and comfortable:

  1. Avoid overdressing- remember it’s going to warm up once you start moving.
  2. Substitute cotton for nylon clothing.
  3. Warm up with a walk or light jog but save the stretching for the end.
  4. Watch out for slippery spots and limit long strides on wet slippery ground.
  5. Stay hydrated – cold weather has a drying effect on the body so it’s important to stay as equally hydrated as you do in the summer.

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