#Preventcancer4 for the holidays!

December 6, 2012

The holidays are a favorite time of the year for everyone—spending time with family, friends and loved ones. However, while you’re celebrating, don’t forget about sticking to healthy habits and staying active to help #preventcancer4 everyone this season!

Eating During the Holidays:

1.)    Overindulgence at holiday parties can be a constant struggle. If you’re in charge of planning the meal, find ways to include lighter substitutes for fattening or unhealthy ingredients. For example, swap plain greek yogurt for sour cream, choose low fat hot chocolate instead of eggnog and have fresh fruit and dark chocolate instead of sugar cookies or other calorie-laden desserts.

2.)    Before attending a holiday party, prepare yourself by eating a light and lean snack before you leave home—this will make you less tempted to overeat.

3.)    Bring a nutritious holiday dish to the holiday gathering! It will provide a light alternative to the usual heavy holiday spread. Try Butternut Squash Pilaf, Avocado-Corn Salsa, Glazed Chocolate-Pumpkin Bundt Cake or Healthy Green Bean Casserole.

4.)    Most Americans gain an average of one pound over the holidays and that weight isn’t usually lost during the rest of the year. Over the years this adds up, so put a stop to it now to start the new year off on a healthier note! Read Dr. Ann’s 10 tips on avoiding holiday weight gain.

Staying Active During the Holidays:

1.)    If you choose to continue running outside, make sure that you follow these tips for winterizing your run.

2.)    If you don’t want to brave the cold weather then try an alternative indoor workout that you’ve never heard of! Step off that treadmill and try something new like Zumba, Rock Climbing, Crossfit, Dance Trance or Aerial Silks.

3.)    Find ways to incorporate activity into your holiday preparations. Visit a Christmas tree farm and use those muscles to haul and load your tree into your car, park far away from the store to squeeze in a few extra steps while you’re shopping for gifts, walk around your neighborhood with a group to sing carols or go ice skating at an outdoor rink for exercise and extra holiday cheer.

4.)    Whatever you do this holiday season, just make sure to keep moving! The health risks of inactivity have been found to be more hazardous than smoking and obesity. Plan family activities and games outside, have a snowball fight or take a walking tour of holiday lights in your neighborhood.

It’s no surprise that many New Year’s resolutions stem from holiday overindulgence, stress and inactivity. Make this year different and choose to #preventCancer4 yourself, your loved ones and your future!

Holiday Health: #PreventCancer4 the Holidays Photo Contest

Show us your best healthy holiday traditions! Enter the Prevent Cancer Foundation #Preventcancer4 the Holidays photo contest. Email with your pictures throughout the holiday season. We’ll post all the pictures we receive on Facebook and Pinterest. Our top choices will be highlighted in a blog post on January 8!

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