Starting early: Reaching young women with breast health information

December 12, 2012

The Breast Health Education for Young Women Facilitator’s Guide is designed for interactive skill-based educational sessions. First released in 2008 and developed in partnership with the Howard University Cancer Center, this easy-to-use educational tool has been recently updated and follows current breast cancer screening and breast self-awareness guidelines.

The facilitator’s guide has BHE Originalstep-by-step instructions for diverse activities as well as all necessary forms, sample tests and FAQs to make it easy to implement the activities with groups of young women in any setting. Using this educational tool you can implement breast health sessions with basic information about breast cancer and screening, myths and facts, and the importance of advocating for one’s health.

The interactive activities and the target audience make these materials unique. As a St. Louis health educator put it, “the interactive group activities are a valuable resource and an effective teaching tool.”

The guide has been shared with groups from across the country. For more information and to download our guide visit our website.


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