Holly Rose turns her breast cancer into a mission.

July 24, 2013

On January 13, 2009, a girlfriend of mine posted a reminder to perform a self-breast exam on my Facebook page. I did and to my horror I discovered a lump that turned out to be breast cancer. I was extremely fortunate in finding my cancer in the early stages and was able to save my breasts and, more importantly, my life. I was so grateful for the reminder that saved my life that I decided to do something to give back to my community. I started the Live and Give Foundation, Inc. better known by our campaign, “Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!” Our mission is to motivate women to perform breast self-exams in the hopes of detecting breast cancer in the early stages. We have also started a Wig Out program that provides free wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment in Arizona. Early detection is the way to survive breast cancer. Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!

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