Hello Stephen ,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your music. I found you on the Prevent Cancer Blog. I was researching Pre-cancerous plops . I had my 3 colonoscopy ( that many in 15 years) and this time my doctor found 10 “precancerous ones”. I have yet to get the actual biopsy report back but my Dr. reassured me that she was quite positive that they all were benign. Althoug one was so large that she had to use “clips” to close the section. I can’t say that I will breathe entirely easy until I get “THE REPORT” confirming her diagnosis. But by the grace of God she will be right. Anyhow, I Loved your soung They Said Yeah”. I actually smiled for the first time today while listening to your words and melody. I am a huge fan of Blues and you certainly fit that genre. So Thank You Stephen, and may god keep you well and rockin.
Nancy Foster.