What do Foghorn Leghorn and the Laurels Awards have in common?

December 5, 2013

2014 Laurels Awards nominations now open
Submission deadline extended to Friday, December 20, 2013

Believe it or not, the beloved Looney Tunes© character Foghorn Leghorn has a connection to cancer prevention and the Cancer Prevention Laurels Awards. In fact, this iconic rooster was the centerpiece of an aggressive outreach campaign for colon cancer screening which began in March 2006 and was awarded an Honorary Cancer Prevention Laurel for Educational Outreach that same year.

So, who will you nominate for a prestigious 2014 Laurels Award? We’re sure you know someone who has impacted many lives in an effort to improve cancer prevention and early detection. Do you know someone who has:

  • Demonstrated exemplary national leadership in laurel award 2013this area?
  • Developed and implemented an innovative program?
  • Channeled passion for these issues by effectively advocating for positive change in the public, professional or political arena?

Now is your chance to recognize their dedication nationally and nominate them for a 2014 Cancer Prevention Laurels Award.

Since 2003, the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s national Dialogue for Action Laurels Awards have honored 39 individuals – and one cartoon character – who have made a real difference in cancer prevention and early detection. Please join co-sponsors the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in continuing this tradition and recognizing the commitment of such individuals.

‘I Say, I Say’ – Write a short letter
You may make one or more nominations in any or all of the three Cancer Prevention Laurels Awards categories, including “National Leadership,” “Innovative Programs” and “Advocacy.” Simply provide a brief letter for each nomination describing why the candidate should be recognized and include a short biographical sketch. Email your nominations to Suzette Smith at

To learn more about the Laurels Awards, visit our website. Remember, the submission deadline has been extended to December 20, 2013. Please consider making a nomination!

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