Kickin’ Cancer

Published on August 12, 2014

Updated on November 4, 2019

When my daughter, Sharon, asked family members to participate in the Prevent Cancer 5k Walk/Run on September 21st, I was the first to sign on. I have never run a 5k (and don’t intend to!), and have little experience as a fundraiser, but I knew I wanted to help, so I joined team Kickin’ Cancer.

Cancer took the love of my life from me, my wife Fong. Fong was a very caring person with a beautiful smile and the life of every party! Her two-year battle was a struggle, but she lived life to the fullest until her very last day. There are two dates my family will always remember: September 11th and November 15th. The whole world knows about the tragedy of September 11. It was also my wife’s birthday. On November 15th, my birthday, of that same year, she died from breast cancer.


It has been twelve years since I lost Fong and cancer continues to take loved ones away from me. I’ve lost my niece, just 41 years old, to breast cancer. I’ve also lost close friends. I hope that by reaching out to my friends in the community and family to support the Prevent Cancer 5k Walk/Run that I have also raised their awareness to the fact that some cancers can be prevented. It is important to be screened, and yes, endure some discomfort in the process. This discomfort can save your life!

I think Fong would be proud of what I am doing, and pleasantly surprised at my fundraising accomplishments! She was always the leader in the family, and is in many ways, our team captain in spirit. I would like to dedicate my participation in the Prevent Cancer 5k to my loving wife and very caring mother to our three daughters, Sharon, Shellmay and Stacy. Sharon, Shellmay, Fong’s brother Bob, and two of our nephews and several of my friends will join me on September 21st at Nationals Park.

I am walking for Fong, but also to let others know that early detection is the first step toward preventing cancer from taking a loved one away from you. Please join my family and me on September 21st for the 5k, or donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness and sponsor programs for early detection of this heartbreaking disease.

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