Cancer Prevention in 7 Languages: Spotlight on 2014 Community Grantee

Published on December 17, 2014

Updated on February 13, 2018

Thanks to a Prevent Cancer Foundation 2014 community grant, several groups of underserved women in New Hampshire will learn about basic cancer facts, the latest cancer screening guidelines and how to access low-cost screening programs. Community presentations will be available in seven different languages: Spanish, Nepali, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, American Sign Language and English.

“This project is beneficial to the immigrant and refugee communities we work with. Thank you for the opportunity to help women of all backgrounds to remain strong and healthy!” said E.V. Banks, Project Manager for the Foundation for Healthy Communities. This project will produce an educational presentation on breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening that is culturally tailored to each community and sensitive to low-literacy needs.

“Some community members have never been to the doctor, relying instead on healers from their own communities,” said Ms. Banks. The presentation covers why cancer screening is important and how to talk with a primary care provider.

The grantee will partner with state health programs and federal agencies to target underserved groups, including the Bhutanese and African communities.

This $10,000 grant was made possible through the generous support of Awesome Games Done Quick.

Learn more about cancer prevention and ways you can reduce your cancer risk.

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