6 Exercise Activities for You and Your Sweetheart

February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day is usually all about chocolate, candy, jewelry and flowers. This February change it up and add a healthy twist to your date plans. Research has shown that maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can prevent many cancers and reduce other health risks. Exercising with your sweetheart is a fun way to spend time together and do something good for your bodies.

1. Sign up for an exercise class together:
Gyms offer tons of new and exciting fitness classes. Sign up together for a fun hour of learning new workout techniques like Pure Barre or boot camp class.

2. Take a dance class: Sign up for a romantic ballroom dancing lesson. Learn to waltz or cha cha with your valentine for a fun and healthy evening.

3. Go kayaking: In a warmer climate? This is a great upper body exercise to keep your arms and core strong. Rent a kayak for two and row with your sweetheart through beautiful lakes, rivers or creeks.

4. Take a hike: Nothing is more breathtaking and peaceful than enjoying nature. Take a hike with a special someone and explore trails and mountains in your surrounding area. Start early to see the sunrise or end the day with a sunset hike. Before taking off, brush up on these useful hiking safety tips.

5. Tandem biking: This is a great opportunity to go for a scenic bike ride around your city or a nearby lake together. Tandem bikes can be rented at local bike shops in most cities. If you are looking for a more rigorous workout, take individual bikes for a mountain bike trail.

6. Tennis match: Tennis is a great full body workout. Play one-on-one or in a group of four. If you haven’t played tennis before, check out some of these great how-to videos and rules for beginners.
Moderate exercise five times a week for 30 minutes can significantly improve your health and reduce your cancer risk all while having fun with your valentine. Click here for more indoor workout ideas for a fun, active Valentine’s Day. For more tips on cancer prevention and early detection, visit

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