Webinar to Discuss Achieving the Goals of the National Cancer Moonshot

June 27, 2016

The National Photonics Initiative invites you to a Webinar to discuss “Achieving the National Cancer Moonshot through Adoption of New and Enhanced Technologies and a Transformed IT Health System Confirmation”

Thursday, June 30th

Presenters include:

Jerry SH Lee, Office of the Vice President
Lauren Leiman, Office of the Vice President
Carolyn (Bo) Aldige, Prevent Cancer Foundation
Shandi Barney, Advanced Medical Technology Association
Jim Mulshine, Rush University
Joelle Fathi, Swedish Cancer Institute

Moderated by:

Tom Baer, NPI Cancer Moonshot Task Force

To RSVP for the webinar, click or go to the link below and follow the registration instructions:

Please note that space is limited

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