ICYMI: October 7, 2016

Published on October 11, 2016

Updated on November 1, 2019

ICYMI: October 7, 2016


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What’s Different About Male Breast Cancer?

SUNDAY, October 2, 2016 (Forbes)–When I met Carl “Mac” Holmes, it was in the midst of a conference for breast cancer patients. Lt. Colonel Holmes, a former Air Force pilot, stood out from most other attendees, because he is a man who lives with metastatic breast cancer. He looked sharp, with gray-brown eyes, white hair and a polo shirt tucked in.

“It’s not a man’s world,” he told me. Indeed, male breast tumors accounts for a tiny proportion of cases. The CDC reports that 2,000 U.S. men receive a diagnosis of breast cancer annually. The number of women diagnosed with invasive disease exceeds 240,000 each year.

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