ICYMI: January 5, 2018

Published on January 5, 2018

Updated on November 1, 2019

ICYMI: January 5, 2018

Feature Story

Cancer Deaths Have Dropped 26% in Recent Years
THURSDAY, January 4, 2018 (TIME) — Since 1991, the cancer death rate has dropped by 26%, according to the latest data from the American Cancer Society (ACS). That decline represents nearly 2.4 million lives saved from cancer.

The decreasing death rate continues a downward trend in mortality from the disease, which ACS experts say is due to a combination of factors. One of the biggest forces behind the decline is a reduction in smoking, thanks to public health campaigns warning of its dangers, and tobacco taxes that discourage people from picking up the habit. While lung cancer remains a leading cause of cancer death, death rates have dropped by 45% among men from 1990 to 2015 and by 19% among women from 2002 to 2015.

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