Friendship makes fairytales a reality: David Tutera and Mindy Lam

Published on May 2, 2019

Updated on October 1, 2020

In addition to being the official designer of the Prevent Cancer Foundation® Annual Spring Gala, David Tutera is also a weddings and celebrations expert. David’s new television show, My Great Big Live Wedding, follows him as he helps eight couples plan the weddings of their dreams.

Through this process, David enlisted the help of some of his favorite vendors—including his friend and fellow Prevent Cancer Foundation® supporter, couture jewelry designer Mindy Lam, whose beautiful pieces have been featured in the Annual Spring Gala silent auction in past years.

Coming together to support a cancer survivor

David with Kristin on her wedding day

David with Kristin on her wedding day

David and Mindy met through their involvement with the Prevent Cancer Foundation®, but their friendship took on a whole new meaning when they met Kristin, a bride-to-be and young breast and thyroid cancer survivor. They were both honored to be part of Kristin and her groom Luis’ journey.

“I knew the moment I met her I wanted to make sure her wedding dreams were brought to life,” David said. “She had a clear vision of what she was wishing for—a wedding that was like a storybook fairytale. My goal was to make that fairytale come to life.”

“When I read Kristin and Luis’ story, I just knew that I had to be a part of their story,” Mindy said. “It touched my heart in the deepest way, so there was no way that I wasn’t going to be involved. She was so young to have gone through so much. It was her bravery to keep fighting that really inspired me.”

Making fairytale into reality

Kristin wearing the necklace designed by Mindy

Kristin wearing the necklace designed by Mindy

David worked closely with Kristin to fulfill her vision with the perfect location, décor and ambiance at the Coral Gables Country Club in south Florida. “When she got sick and was recovering, she was dreaming of her wedding day. So this meant the world to her and her family and I held that responsibility close to my heart. This wedding represented LOVE, LIFE and a FUTURE for Kristin and Luis and their families,” he said.

While David was busy designing Kristin’s dream wedding, Mindy was busy designing the perfect piece for her to wear walking down the aisle. “I had a life changing health scare when my kidney failed, so I know how hard it is to fight for your life,” Mindy said. “The courage she had TWICE was unbelievable, so I wanted to create something beautiful that could stand the test of time, just like Kristin.”

“The piece I designed for Kristen represents everything that she is, the beauty and the strength, and what she fought for. It will always represent the amazing fight that she won and the fairytale wedding that David gave her to start her happily ever after. She will be able to pass that feeling and proud memory on to her and Luis’ children to remember the unbelievable strength and beauty of their mom.”

Continuing the cause

Mindy Lam

Mindy Lam

As devoted advocates for the Prevent Cancer Foundation®, David and Mindy are supporting this year’s Annual Spring Gala in big ways.

A member of the board of directors, David is also continuing his role as designer for the award-winning event and will be transporting attendees to beautiful, postcard-perfect Switzerland.

He believes the Foundation’s mission is crucial: “It’s the message of understanding how to prevent cancer, how to live a healthier life and how to take preventive measures like getting screened. The Foundation provides important education and a clearer understanding on how to live your life best!”

Mindy will be donating pieces to the auction, including a chance for a lucky winner to have a custom piece designed for them by Mindy herself.—“I would like for people to know how much love goes into my pieces,” she says. “It’s almost like I’m in another world creating magical fairytale pieces that I hope bring my clients just as must joy and magic when they wear them.”

We look forward to seeing the magic they bring to the gala on May 9! You can purchase your tickets to the Gala and bid online for this year’s auction items now. Items from Mindy’s collection will be coming soon!

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