Marshmallows making a difference: Nomadic Kitchen

Published on May 13, 2019

Updated on May 10, 2019

Alexandra Shuman is a classically trained chef who turned her passion for food into her own business, Nomadic Kitchen. Her one-woman venture is a confectionary shop that provides fresh reinterpretations of a childhood classic: marshmallows. Her shop boasts a variety of unique marshmallow flavors like key lime and dulce de leche, offering handmade fluffy goodness to her customers from across the country.

One day, Alexandra was watching a video from Nike Trail Athlete Chris Mocko (host of The Mocko Show) where he spent minutes talking about the “unfortunate consequences of eating too many preservative-filled, store-bought marshmallows”—and she got an idea.

Marshmallows for charity.

What could be sweeter than that?

“Whether it has been close calls, intense recovery processes, or the worst outcome you can imagine, Mocko and I have each seen it all when it comes to cancer. We’re hardly unique in that respect, and we’re tired of cancer and the range of hardships it brings,” Alexandra said. These shared experiences led to her choosing the Prevent Cancer Foundation® to receive half of the profits from the Mocko’s Maple Peanut Butter marshmallow sales.

“The Foundation’s wide-reaching efforts on preventing cancer of all types, along with its outstanding track record as a charitable organization, was the perfect fit for our collaboration. We couldn’t be happier to help create a world where cancer won’t get in the way of people pursuing their passions, running 100 miles, or toasting up a marshmallow with family.”

Excited by the possibilities, Alexandra reached out to Mocko on Instagram about collaborating. After Mocko’s excited response, Alexandra got to work on creating the perfect homemade marshmallow for him—so he could enjoy his favorite treat without all of the unknown preservatives.

Crafting the perfect marshmallow

When it came to flavor, the choice was obvious. “Mocko is nearly as dedicated to pancakes as he is to his sport. Cue inspiration: I’d make him a pancake-inspired marshmallow,” Alexandra said.

“Being a native Vermonter and a Vermont-based company, maple syrup had to be my starting point. From there, I went full-nostalgia, which was a real joy. I landed on a favorite so old I’d forgotten it was even a favorite: fluffernutter pancakes. What I ended up with was essentially a fluffernutter in a single bite: fluffy vanilla marshmallows swirled with house-made peanut butter, sweetened with maple syrup.”

Needless to say, Mocko loved his custom marshmallows. They were so good, in fact, Alexandra decided to make them a staple in her online store so others could enjoy them, too.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pairing for your s’mores this summer or just want to try some fluffy goodness without the preservatives, you can purchase a pack of Mocko’s Mallows online to be shipped right to your door!

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