ICYMI, July 26, 2019

Published on July 26, 2019

Updated on November 1, 2019

Juul went into a ninth-grade classroom and called its device 'totally safe,' teens testify

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Juul went into a ninth-grade classroom and called its device ‘totally safe,’ teens testify

THURSDAY, July 25, 2019 (CNN)—A Juul representative repeatedly told a ninth-grade classroom that the company’s e-cigarette was “totally safe” before showing underage students the device, according to two teenagers who testified under oath to Congress on Wednesday.

The comments came at the first of two hearings organized by the House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy to “examine [Juul’s] responsibility for the youth nicotine addiction epidemic.” Company executives, including Juul’s co-founder, will testify on Thursday.

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