The Weekly: Life under COVID-19, postponed treatments and more

Published on April 24, 2020

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How Cancer Prepared Me for Life Under Coronavirus

How Cancer Prepared Me for Life Under Coronavirus

TUESDAY, April 21 (The New York Times)—A deep breath is in order. A huge, collective inhale. If you have ever had one of those diagnoses that make you sit upright and reappraise everything, you will know what I mean. You will be attuned to this coronavirus moment. I had such a diagnosis nearly three years ago. I staggered from the doctor’s office and immediately began to tally the things I wanted to do just one more time.

In other news…

Covid-19 is posing serious questions about cancer treatment. There are no easy answers.
April 22, The Washington Post

“For Now, We Wait”: Postponing Cancer Surgery During the Coronavirus Crisis
April 22, The New Yorker

New AI Model Accurately Classifies Colorectal Polyps Using Slides From 24 Institutions
April 23, Scienmag

‘Thousands missing out on cancer diagnosis’
April 22, BBC


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