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Published on June 5, 2020

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What Are Health Disparities? Why It's Important to Fight for Health Equity—Especially Right Now

What Are Health Disparities? Why It’s Important to Fight for Health Equity—Especially Right Now

TUESDAY, June 2 (Health)—It’s easy for many people to assume that everyone has the same access to health care in the US (it is 2020, after all). But unfortunately, that’s an incorrect and dangerous assumption.

The truth: Health disparities—that is, preventable, poor health outcomes experienced by socially disadvantaged populations—aren’t a new concept, but COVID-19 has shown they’re still very much a problem in the US, with black Americans bearing the brunt of severe outcomes of the disease.

In other news…

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Foundation News

Black Lives Matter.

We see you.

Black lives matter. The Prevent Cancer Foundation stands with you in wanting to dismantle systemic racism and injustice in the U.S.

We have always said that cancer doesn’t discriminate. But the truth is, discrimination exists in many forms—including in health care. We will continue to do our part to fight for the equality, health and safety of the black community.

We see you and we stand with you.

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