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Published on July 10, 2020

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Cancer Screening Leaps Forward

Cancer Screening Leaps Forward

SUNDAY, July 5 (Wall Street Journal)—The Grail DNA test’s false-positive rate is less than 1%. And the company says the test is more than 93% accurate in identifying the type of cancer. Again, if cancer can be found early, treatment is much easier. You can cut it, heat it, freeze it or zap it out, especially since you should know where it is. This is how you save the health-care system.

In other news…

COVID-19 Is Forcing Us to Rethink Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatments
July 9, Scientific American

International Studies Show New Lung Cancer Screenings Could Reduce Mortality By 20%
July 9, CBS New York

Lung Cancer in Non-smokers May Respond Differently to Treatment
July 9,

Five kinds of health appointments you should consider keeping, despite the pandemic
July 2, The Washington Post


Foundation News

Rebroadcast: 2020 Virtual Prevent Cancer Dialogue

Rebroadcast: 2020 Virtual Prevent Cancer Dialogue

Join us for a rebroadcast of the 2020 Virtual Prevent Cancer Dialogue. Each webcast is FREE. Nurses, nurse practitioners and nationally certified health education specialists can earn up to nine continuing education credits by attending the full series.

These are recordings of the original webcasts and will not have any live components.

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