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Published on October 23, 2020

Updated on November 6, 2020

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Cancer research another long-term casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists say

Cancer research another long-term casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists say

WEDNESDAY, October 21 (NBC)—As the death toll from the coronavirus climbs, Karen Hilton, of Dalkeith, Scotland, sees herself and others fighting cancer as “collateral damage.”

Hilton, 48, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer four years ago. After a double mastectomy, surgeries to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes that were also at risk of cancer due to a BRCA1 gene mutation, and many rounds of chemotherapy, Hilton said her treatment options are dwindling.

In March, she received a prognosis of six to 12 months. Still receiving chemo, she wasn’t looking to enroll in a trial at the height of the pandemic. But as lockdowns return, she fears another disruption could ruin her chance to enroll in clinical trials which might help prolong her life.

“We feel like we’ve been robbed of our life twice,” she told NBC News by phone.

In other news…

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Foundation news

The Prevent Cancer Foundation announces 2020-2021 young adult advisory committee

The Prevent Cancer Foundation welcomes 16 young adults to the preventGEN committee to increase awareness and education of cancer prevention and early detection among younger generations. Committee members have a broad array of experience ranging from communications and marketing to epidemiology.

PreventGEN committee members collaborate with Prevent Cancer Foundation staff on ideas for campaigns, programs, concepts and content. Their feedback is instrumental in helping the Foundation fulfil its mission of saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection.

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