The Weekly: Skin cancer in young men, ACA enrollment, and more

Published on March 26, 2021

Updated on March 14, 2023

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The Great Millennial Skin Cancer Crisis

The Great Millennial Skin Cancer Crisis

WEDNESDAY, March 24, 2021 (Men’s Health)—Around the time that Dustin Allen, a soft-spoken electrical engineer, turned 27, he noticed a small red spot on his right temple. He thought it was nothing, maybe an acne scar. But it didn’t fade away. In fact, it kept getting darker, and he started to see splotches of dark brown popping up inside it, too. He asked his primary-care physician if he should be concerned. “She said it just looked like sun damage and they typically don’t worry about that until it gets to about nine millimeters,” he says. His father had had melanoma, though, so he knew he was at higher risk for this most dangerous form of skin cancer—having a first-degree relative with it can push up your odds by 50 percent. And with his red hair and freckle-prone complexion, another risk factor, he couldn’t shake the bad feeling he had about that spot.

In other news…

Biden marks anniversary of Affordable Care Act with extension of enrollment period to August
March 23, The Washington Post

COVID-19 pandemic leads to sharp declines in cancer screening, late-stage diagnoses
March 25, CBS

José Baselga, pioneer in breast cancer treatment, dies at 61
March 24, The Washington Post

Scientist Behind Coronavirus Shot Says Next Target Is Cancer
March 19, NBC New York

Foundation news

Rep. Jamie Raskin speaks out on colorectal cancer screening guidelines

Rep. Jamie Raskin speaks out on colorectal cancer screening guidelines

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) talks about how he was impacted by a colorectal cancer diagnosis when he was just 45.

Raskin’s segment is followed by an appearance from Dr. Darrell Gray of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, who further discusses the rise in young-onset colorectal cancer, especially for African Americans. Watch now.

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